When The Dolphins Rise

This poem was inspired by my excitement at seeing dolphins during a recent trip to Virginia Beach.

When The Dolphins Rise


When the dolphins rise,

spinning spray in the light,

the sun shines golden,

gulls soar in flight.

We breathe together

through ebbs and swells,

spreading the tales our sonars tell.

Our hearts will rustle,

our fins will shake,

as we fly golden

through the paths we create,

leaving small light shards in our glittering wake.


When the dolphins circle,

the world takes heed,

Earth’s orbit slows,

then gathers speed

for forging through the swirls of time

that fog our vision and impact our rhyme.

The twinning season is almost here.

The hearts ring out so crystal-like, so clear.


We go about our daily rounds,

gathering up eyesores,

fraternizing with sounds

that single out our loving cups

that runneth over,

they’re so full up

with all the miracles of every day

that lift us up above the fray.


The whirlwinds swirl and spread delight

as dolphins leap through each sound’s bite.

The waves roll over, they thread our sight

with thunderous blue and green and white.


A celebration’s due, it’s clear,

when all our purposes bring us here.

–          Roslyn Elena McGrath, 10/19/12


Meditation from Rainbow Woman

First thing each morning for the past several weeks, I’ve been writing a meditation a day inspired by one of my goddess paintings, as part of the manuscript for Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Invoking the Full Feminine Force Within You.

The excerpt below was inspired by my Rainbow Woman painting.


Inside you shimmers a pathway arced across the sky.

Step up on this bridge of color.

Immerse yourself in every hue to reach

the promise of your wholly realized self.


When you have a problem

you can bridge to solution

once you find this pathway

between Earth and Sky.


Feel your hands in the yellow.

Feel your hips in the orange.

Feel your mind growing mellow

as you cross the sky.


Green beckons you lightly.

You step right into it.

It feeds your heart

and cleans your mind.


As you move into aqua ever so briefly,

feel its fluidity sparkle and shine.

Feel the blue flowing all the way through you.

Clear space is growing throughout all your cells.


Move into indigo.

Rest in its knowing,

deeper and deeper

developed in you.


Wise sight is blinking

as you move into violet,

the harmonizing of your red and your blue

into a new state of being.


Breathe into its radiant world.

Breathe it through every layer of you.

Breathe it into your core of protection

and breathe it out all the way around you.


From within this beautiful bubble,

you can experience a shining world.

From this place removed from trouble,

you can step into the swirl of crimson beckoning you.


Breathe its octave from magenta to geranium

all the way through.

Every tint of red is flowing,

strengthening, enlivening, all of you.


Stride your way into brilliant orange,

gleaming inside and all around you.

Breathe into its vital glow

and breathe it out into all you know.


Step into the field of yellow,

golden sunshine warming you.

Breathe it into all your being

and breathe it out through your ways of being.

All its colors wind through you.


Submerge yourself into the green now,

spring-new to emerald and forest true.

Breathe its nourishment to the center of each cell,

and breathe its nourishment to the world you love so well,

as it leads you to step gently

into blue of water and sky,

every tint drawing nigh.


So breathe this spacious sweetness into your full completeness.

and breathe its freedom out to liberate all about

as you move into the enveloping night-sky blue,

the velvety revelation of your indigo knowing.


Breathe this velvet in to your atoms’ very spin,

and breathe this velvet out to the deep world about

that yields to you it mystery view.


Stroll now into purple, plum violet, wine, cranberry creation.

Soak in its libation.

Breathe the purple through,

further vitalizing the full you,

as you breathe it out like a funnel,

through which you slide like a tunnel,

tumbling gently out into green grass.


You are the rainbow now, at last,

as you move into the life your consciousness has cast.

Free Healing Workshop Recording on New Site

I’m just bursting to share with you some of my newest creations – a new website, and a recording of a mini-workshop on activating your gifts that you can participate in at your choice of time and place FREE!

Through the graciousness of Out There host T.J. Ryan, I can now share a sample of Angel Light Healing, guided meditation, Soul Body Fusion, even some Earth Energies channeling on the topic of expanding upon your gifts at www.intuitivelearningcreations.com. Just go to the post there entitled Activating Your Natural Gifts.

You may be amazed by how much personal growth and healing you can receive at a distance!

You’ll also find slideshows of some of my artwork at www.intuitivelearningcreations.com/art/, Laws of Attraction & Christ Consciousness channeled recordings at www.intuitivelearningcreations.com/channeling/ and a calendar and interview excerpt at www.intuitivelearningcreations.com/appointments/.

Please enjoy and feel free to share your feedback with me!

(Some of the reasons) Why I Love Living in Marquette

This past Saturday, a 2-minute drive took me to the Student Dance Recital at Forest Roberts Theatre, where I experienced goose-bump raising moments of dance-watching ecstasy, aided by gorgeous, juicy color lighting compliments of NMU lighting genius Vic Holliday. Then 3 minutes from there, I celebrate a friend’s birthday at Flanigan’s, a little downtown bar where the incredibly talented Biscuit Miller & the Mix played for the better part of 4 hours!

To be inches away from their awesome, rockin’-the-house Chicago Blues-playing, complete with Biscuit doing nifty dance moves on top of the bar and handing over his bass to my dancin’-all-night friend Dar – what can I say?!? They even turned a funk piece into “Smoke On the Water” and then a Led Zeppelin tune! All 4 members were amazing, and the youngest to join the group, guitarist Kyle Bledsoe, not only creates a blur of fast moves and heart-throbbing wails, but is quite a vocalist too!

Check them out online and at the Blues Music Awards May 9th, where Biscuit is nominated for Bass Instrumentalist!

I’ll be adding a photo here taken of my husband and I with wonder-drummer Dr. Love once it’s emailed to me.

They were all such warm-hearted and talented people, they really gifted our town with their full-out performance.

Oh, and not to forget the lovely bagpiping of “Happy Birthday” shared by a local before the show!

And to top it all off, a leisurely hike the next day in pleasant weather with good friends at Laughing Whitefish Falls, maybe 30 minutes from home. God, I love this place!

Earth Speaks

Hope everyone enjoyed Earth Day! Below is a poem of mine I thought appropriate for the day.

Earth Speaks

I am the ground you walk upon

that gives you a place to Be.

I am the mound you halt upon

that gives you a place to see.

All that you have

and all that you do

arise from the beneficence of me.

I feed you and clothe you.

I nourish you and hold you.

Your bones are from my opulence.

I’m your trust and your best defense.

I’m your mother

and your sustenance.

My lakes wash and water you,

my air breathes you into being.

My gardens feed you

and my flames watch over you.

I am always with you

and little noticed.

I am always gleeful

and happy to go to

any extreme to balance your perspective.

Your thoughts and feelings become my directive

and the course that I teach –

it ain’t no elective!

So come to me now

with your thoughts and your feelings

Give them over to me

and set your life reeling

into natural electricity,

spontaneous complicity,

with all the eccentricity

of my post-war school.

– Roslyn Elena McGrath

Today’s Renewal

It’s a clear-skied, breezy Easter day, and my husband and I are in the midst of sprucing the house up in preparation for a home appraisal this week, to take advantage of low mortgage rates. Such a great opportunity for renewal, with projects getting done that normally don’t.

Easter always seems to me to be such a wonderfully Earth-centered opportunity for rising up reinvigorated, renewed spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and there are so many different wonderful ways of doing this. One of my favorites is listening and/or exercising to the percussive virtuousity of healing drummer Toby Christenson. I play Four Doors Open most often. He’s got a some great new tracks out too. You can take a listen at www.healingdrummer.com.

Below is a poem I wrote, really more of a chant, meant to go at a very steady and somewhat slow beat, inspired by one of my writing group member’s recent bout with illness.

A very joyful renewal to everyone!


Internal Medicine





beating out a song,

breathing to become

your life

this minute.

Hurry now to notice

that you’re living in it!






breathe it in,

now that’s a start!

Sing out

your taut drum.

Notice what

your songs become.


Breathe out,

breathe in,

welcome to

the thoughts that spin,

making circles

in your head,

filling out

across your bed.






breathe into

the now that’s sprung

from the warm beat

of your strong heart.

Live to the music

that’s created your start.


Breathe out,

breathe in,

each new moment

is a moment to grin.


Breathe in,

breathe out.

Trust in the future

that’s waiting to spout.


Breathe out,

breathe in.

You live to the pump

that brings you within.


Breathe in,

breathe out,

your joy thumps in beauty

both within and without.






your gems of creating

circle ‘round the living art

of your breathing in

and your breathing out.

Just to be here, truly be here,

that’s what Life is all about.


Ancient Winds

What a whirling, windy day! So many choices and opportunities blowing around! Sometimes creating brings a sense of order to all the possibilities, and our real desires to light. I’ve really enjoyed facilitating Visioning Board Parties out at Joy Center. I can’t tell you how often people have told me that something quite specific from their collage came to pass. You might enjoy checking out the moon boards on http://www.creatingwithkim.com, and some of Kim’s gorgeous photos too!

Below is something I wrote a few years ago after days of high winds.

Ancient Winds

Day upon day, the ceaseless moan continued,

reverberating through housetops,

horse ranches, bedside manors,

sweeping through doors, ear drums,

telecommunication instruments of all sorts.

It rumbled through windows, doorways,

small bowling alleys and pizza parlors,

past mansions, skyscrapers, billboards, factories.

It carried peanuts, pocketbooks,

household receipts, laughter,

lilies and song sheets in its wake.

It roared into basements, hideaways,

hilltops and locked doors,

vibrating menus, mealtimes,

caricatures and missing persons.

Its stops are ominous with suspense,

for it can reawaken with a sharp crack,

tearing sidewalks, ripping branches,

catapulting changes in consciousness with its ancient howl.

For it began before humans begot,

before trees were strong and grass had grown,

before a world we would recognize had even occurred,

and it will continue long after

a world we have recognized has gone.

–          Roslyn Elena McGrath